Welcome! I’m Matthew Riter, a travel writer and historian. I’ve spent my life on the road. We crisscrossed North America in my childhood. In 2009, I toured Israel, Egypt, Greece, and Europe for three months. I’ve been wandering the globe ever since. Hong Kong and Japan. Dublin, London, and India. Observing grizzly bears in Alaska, and swimming with sea turtles in Hawaii. An unforgettable adventure through Vietnam. I recently returned from a memorable trip through Germany, Switzerland, and Italy.

I started Matthewriter’s Travel Agency in the summer of 2017. We keep your costs as low as possible, finding cheap flights, and helping you acquire and maximize airline miles and hotel points to facilitate your dream trip. In 2019, we began guided tours, starting with Israel. In 2020, we’ll begin offering tours of Greece. If you have a trip in mind, we have ideas. Contact us today!

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